Food safety cannot be taken for granted. The quality and safety of the food supply is a Get Fresh commitment. Get Fresh Companies employs quality assurance programs and safety practices to ensure that our products are handled and manufactured to the highest industry standards. Our established programs include the following:


• Safe Quality Food Institute (SQF) Certification and Annual Audits
• Strict Adherence to FDA, SQF, and Local Health District Standards
• Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) Program
• Food Defense Program
• Recall Program
• Food Safety Crisis Management Program
• Sanitation Standards Program
• Pest Control Program
• Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Program
• Employee Training Programs
• Grower compliance with sanitation and product handling procedures
• Shipper participation in HACCP and other sanitation/safety programs
• Documented temperature regulation on all in-bound trucks
• Maintenance of the cold chain from harvest to operator delivery
• Sanitation Certification administered by an independent third party
• Preventative Maintenance Program
• Critical Care Program
• Continuous Improvement through program reassessment and updates


Get Fresh Companies continues to meet and follow all regulatory
requirements and guidelines to help in reviewing and reassessing all
programs at least annually to help improve all of its Food Safety
Management Systems.



Freshness you can Taste, Safety you can Trust.