We work hard to minimize our environmental impact – and our dedication and green practices have made a difference. Our combined efforts to actively recycle, conserve energy, and partner with suppliers who responsibly source raw materials, are just a few of the steps we take every day to protect the land, the water, and air in our community.

Most often, when people think green, they just think recycling. But recycling our cardboard, office paper, printer cartridges and other materials are just a small part of Get Fresh Companies’ environmental initiatives. As well as delivering the freshest, safest products, we are serious in our commitment to lower our carbon footprint, having designed and built our new state-of-the-art facility with the use of energy saving products, technologies and practices that focus on sustainability.

Every ton counts – and we’re counting. Over a year’s time, Get Fresh Companies uses 409 tons of corrugated cardboard boxes, which are all made from 100% compostable, recyclable, fiberboard – all fresh, all natural, and all SFI Certified. The SFI Certification means this product is good for you – and good for our forests. We conduct Eco-Audits annually, and the environmental resources we conserve in a single year are significant:


All of our printed material,Logo-Verifiable such as marketing collateral, business cards, presentation folders, and product catalogs, are produced by SFI & SGP (Sustainable Green Printing) Certified Printers, who use only recycled stock and organic soy/vegetable inks, UV/VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free.

Pallets are like nuts and bolts in the produce distribution business – they hold everything together. Every commodity received, and every order that leaves our facility, every day, does so on a pallet – and that is a LOT of pallets. We recycle all of the hundreds upon hundreds used every day to store, load, transport and deliver. Those same pallets are then reclaimed, reconditioned, and reused.

Fruit and Vegetable waste, known as Cull, is a natural by-product of produce processing, and our Fresh Cut facility generates tons. 100% of the Cull we generate every day is consolidated, and none enters our landfills, but rather, is transported to local farms as natural, healthy livestock feed.